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No, Mortal Kombat 11’s skins won’t cost you $6440, but you’ll still need to grind for them

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Mortal Kombat 11 is a damned good fighting game, but there are some worthwhile complaints about its progression system. The game’s cosmetic unlocks are numerous, and require hundreds – if not thousands – of hours of grinding to unlock. For completeness, it’s a bit of a nightmare. The whole system seems to have been built using the sort of progression you’d find in free-to-play mobile games, and it’s irksome.

Of course, many of those skins and bits of gear can be bought with in-game currency, Time Krystals. That currency is earned at a glacial pace, not helped by brutally difficult towers that halt that progression. the system is getting a rework to make it dish out rewards at a steadier clip, but there’s no excusing just how much grind there is for its skins and assorted accoutrements. That’s probably why the game’s microtransactions exist. You can pay real money for the game’s faux krypt-o-kurrency, and use that to buy the skins. One enterprising Redditor did the maths, and found that buying every skin in the game would cost $6,440. It led to a number of stories online about how much it would cost to buy all of Mortal Kombat’s cosmetics, raising the ire of would-be buyers.

The only problem? It’s not really true. All of the game’s skins can be earned through playing, with the “kustomisation” screen telling you where each skin can be found: Towers, the Krypt, or AI battles. And only some of those are actually available to purchase in the store as well. So that $6,440 is way off as you can’t simply buy all skins anyway, as NetherRealm’s Ed Boon said on Twitter.

Look, the system for unlocking them is still a laborious and dull grindfest, and it will take many, many hours to unlock everything. The big question is why you’d want to. The stuff is largely aesthetic, making minor colour and design changes. There are definitely people who’ll want every single collectable item in the game, but for me, that’s not what I play fighting games for. I’m not fussed about the skins at all, and I just want to actually fight.

The game’s systems are worth criticising. I hate the Krypt and its blind loot boxes and I’d prefer knowing how to unlock specific ones without luck factoring in. I’d prefer if those Time Krystals didn’t exist at all, but this is all just another meaningless storm in a teakup.

Last Updated: April 26, 2019

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