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No DirectX 11.1 for Windows 7!

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Microsoft employee Daniel Moth has revealed that DirectX 11.1 will be exclusive to Windows 8 with no plans for it to be made available for Windows 7.

In a recent post on the Microsoft Answers forum, Moth stated:

“DirectX 11.1 is part of Windows 8, just like DirectX 11 was part of Windows 7. DirectX 11 was made available forVista…. but at this point there is no plan for DirectX 11.1 to be made available on Windows 7.”

It’s possible that DirectX 11.1 will be retrofitted to Windows 7, but right now Microsoft doesn’t seem very talkative about it. When Neowin reached out to Microsoft for an official statement about the matter, they simple replied with: “we have nothing further to share.”

But what does this mean for PC gamers who’d like to stick to Windows 7? Not much unless you have a need for native stereoscopic 3D support. DirectX 11.1 features include emphasis on efficiency improvements over new features, the most prominent being the inclusion of stereoscopic 3D support. This means that any PC games or applications written with DirectX 11.1 will have support for viewing the content with 3D glasses out of the box, instead of stereoscopic 3D support only being able to be added to those games or applications if you were programming with certain graphic cards in mind. For example: NVIDIA’s GeForce cards which supports its own 3D vision software or AMD’s Radeon cards with its HD3D technology.

Not many games have had OS restrictions on their content because of DirectX, so Windows 7 PC gamers shouldn’t have anything to worry about in the near future.

Last Updated: November 13, 2012

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