No Prologue for Gran Turismo 7

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A rare picture of Kazunori Yamauchi standing next to a car that ISN'T a Nissan Skyline

Gran Turismo is one of those odd titles that people will buy a console for. I know more than a handful of people who bought PlayStation 3’s just to play Gran Turismo 5. Though Gran Turismo 6 didn’t quite do as well as Sony and Polyphony had hoped, that game’s relative failure could be attributed to the fact that it was released for PS3…after the PlayStation 4 was out. Gran Turismo 7 will likely be quite the system seller for the PlayStation 4…when it’s released in 2028.

No, no..that’s not when the game is actually scheduled for, but given the series; protracted development it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing the game this year. Chances are we’ll probably not even see if next year, but Polyphony’s Kazunori Yamauchi hints that it may indeed see a 2015 release.

Interestingly, it seems Polyphony will skip the paid-for demo by way of a prologue version of the iterative racer as well.

"We are working on the title," he told Eurogamer, adding: "I don’t think it’ll make this year," and "I don’t think it’ll be a Prologue."

Unfortunately, it seems like those awful standard cars will still be included, and only premium racers will be given the next gen GT treatment. It’s all about choice, says Yamauchi.

"I doubt that we’ll be throwing away the standard cars," he said. "Each car has its own fans. So I think we’ll hang on to the archive. In the meanwhile, some of those cars we may be able to make into Premium cars as they become available – but basically we’re more focussed on increasing the number of premium cars."

So Gran Turismo 7 is coming – and maybe, maybe this time the cars won;t all sound like toys.

Last Updated: June 30, 2014

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