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No PS4 DLNA until 2015?

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The PlayStation 4 is still lagging behind the Xbox One when it comes to rudimentary features that you’d expect to be there. 3D blu-ray support is finally available for both consoles, which is nice for the 7 of you who care – but most of us are waiting for other features. Things like video playback, MP3 support and DLNA networking for streaming our totally legitimate, not-in-any-way-downloaded-from-the-internet home-videos-that-aren’t-TV-shows-and-movies. You might be waiting for a while.

According to yet another random person on the internet, The update to enable DLNA streaming for the PlayStation 4 will only be along next year. According to Reddit and its moderators, he’s a confirmed Sony employee – but that doesn’t really mean all that much. He could well be the janitor.

Still, he says you shouldn’t expect the DLNA update until at least 2015 – though we should be able to finally play media by the end of the year.

I’d say early 2015 for DLNA.

MP3 and Video Players by the Holiday season (MP3 maybe sooner)

He also says that the PlayStation mobile app will soon get a rather needed facelift.

There’s a redesign in the works. It should be more functional and modern (read: less cheesy blue boxes)

There’s a huge backlog of features that Sony wants to implement, he says, with Sony giving precedence to those that actually bring in income. I’d take this all with a a grain of salt or two, but with how long its taken just for Blu-Ray 3D support, I’d posit that 2015 for DLNA is well within the realms of probability.

All I want is the ability to pause downloads, to be honest. That shouldn’t be tricky to implement! What features would you like to see added to the PS4?

Last Updated: July 29, 2014

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