No SA dedicated servers for Gears of War 3

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With Mweb launching a fully functional local steam server, and their multiple other forays in to supplying local PC gamers with the means to play, you’d expect that console gamers would be getting similar offerings. Well, actually wouldn’t. Xbox Live launched locally last year, missing many of the features, functionality and games Xbox gamers have grown accustomed to, Sony’s local PSN – while definitely better, is also lacking some of the games and features available to our American brethren.

Gears of War 3, one of the 360’s flagship titles is set to have support for dedicated servers. Will we be getting dedicated servers in South Africa?

Pfft. Of course not! Our friends over at have confirmed with Microsoft SA that no, we’ll not be getting dedicated servers.  Previous Gears of War games utilised peer-to-peer networking, giving the game’s host an otherwordly advantage over the players connected to him. Dedicated servers were implemented to remove that host advantage.

Without any local servers though, we’ll be forced to connect to European or American servers, introducing inherent latency – and potentially making Gears of War 3 less enjoyable than it ought to be. There’s no real way to tell how the game will perform locally until the multiplayer beta goes live next month.

Source : Xbox Gaming

[Thanks to Goose_ZA for the tip]

Last Updated: March 8, 2011

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