No, South Africa is not in the top 10 of eSports

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The Day We Fight Back

So the wonderful and fully functional (where’s my sarcasm font?) MSSA sent out a press release yesterday stating that South Africa is now ranked 10th in the world in eSports.

I read through the PR and chuckled quietly and then deleted it as we all know it’s total nonsense –  but then this morning I received a question from a community member about this and so decided to put together a quick article showing why this press release shouldn’t have been believed straight-out by sites such as MyGaming (who claimed they were 10th in the world) and el33tonline (who at least said 10th in the federation) and posted without at least pointing out some serious flaws.

So let’s go through this shall we?

I’ll paste the entire PR at the end of the article but here are the three parts that really should have been properly investigated:

“…the team slipped in 2012 to 18th position, but still showed improvement with the team coming home with a silver in the Women’s StarCraft II event.”

The team did not show improvement and this line keeps on being thrown around as if a silver in this instance is great. Generally a silver is fantastic except that this time there were only two competitors. Silver is pretty much guaranteed.  And do you want to hear what the winner had to say about our South African competitor?

“Honestly, my opponent was pretty bad. But I was plenty surprised by the fact that South Africa also had a female SC2 division going on. I hope more and more female players start playing so that we can get a lot of tournaments going on in the future.”

Now this is not slighting our lady who did the very best she could, but to use this as your yardstick MSSA is more than a little ignorant.

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Next up the PR states:

“Even though the team did not return home in 2013 with any medals, the overall standard of the team had improved, and the team was able to arduously climb up the ladder to force into being ranked 10th in the world.”

No they climbed the IeSF ladder to be 10th in that federation which definitely does not represent the world.

And finally:

Of course South Korea is ranked 1st, but, when you consider that South Africa is now rubbing shoulders with the power-houses of eSports, the future looks very bright indeed!

Now South Korea is a definite powerhouse in eSports but how about those other little powerhouses that aren’t at all affiliated with the IeSF like United States of America, The United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Australia?

Oh and wait! The last little blip. We are actually tied 9th with Serbia with a total of 43 points in the IeSF rankings. On the more comprehensive rankings however we’re shown as 10th – but things don’t add up.  Austria, Azerbaijan and the Philippines have the same score of 11, but aren’t tied, while Spain and Mongolia are tied, despite there being a 5 point deficit. It seems that in the IeSF the points are like those on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Anyway to round it up, we have performed adequately in the IeSF rankings, even though the number of member nations seem to be dropping year after year.  Yes, we’re doing well in this limited pool of countries that doesn’t include some of the best in the world, though the unfortunate reality is that we are not the 10th best country at eSports.

Oh and as a side note to keep everyone in the loop, our ex-MSSA president Colin Webster is now board member of the IeSF and Chairman of the Players Committee –  so it is in his and the MSSA’s best interest to spin this federation as the global option for South Africa.

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Here’s the press release:

The IeSF have released the rankings for the 2013 year.

Thanks to the sterling efforts of the 2013 MWEB Protea eSports team that attended the 2013 IeSF World Championships, South Africa is now ranked higher than ever before.

South Africa, it would be imagined is sorely disadvantaged in eSports, but the character and strength of the South African gamers has overcome the odds to rise up and demonstrate their worth.

From being unranked in 2010, the South African team has ploughed its way through the opposition to make it into the top twenty (13th) in 2011.

Unfortunately, the team slipped in 2012 to 18th position, but still showed improvement with the team coming home with a silver in the Women’s StarCraft II event. 

Even though the team did not return home in 2013 with any medals, the overall standard of the team had improved, and the team was able to arduously climb up the ladder to force into being ranked 10th in the world.

A big thank you is thus extended to every member of the team who contributed towards this fine achievement!

Of course South Korea is ranked 1st, but, when you consider that South Africa is now rubbing shoulders with the power-houses of eSports, the future looks very bright indeed!

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Last Updated: February 11, 2014

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • General JJ the ashamed

    Don’t you need working internet to compete in eSports?

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      No, I had a wireless chip implanted into my brain that connects me directly to the information grid. Oh, wait… that’s the premise of Intelligence. TV is affecting my ability to distinguish between reality & entertainment *cough*

      • Captain GUZ

        Started watching that show freaking awesome, one thing has been bugging me, how does he “connect” I mean there isnt wireless signal everywere is there *tinfoil hat engage*

        • Johan du Preez

          what show is this ?

        • Alien Emperor Trevor

          I try not to think about that, I just accept it works & move on with the story heh.

          • Captain GUZ

            Sometimes thats the best solution, I mean it is science fiction.

    • Captain GUZ

      Its like most things in SA, just say what you think want it to be and if you repeat it enough time maybe somone will believe you……..

  • Lardus-Resident Perve

    I used to do the “came 3rd in the 3K event”…then admit there were only 3 of us running – but at least I wasn’t always lapped!!
    PS: I missed the deal with the tied hands…

    • Fighting back against governmetns trying to stop net neutrality.. check the banner at the bottom of the page for today only

      • Lardus-Resident Perve

        Was about to post “found it in the comment on the Watch Dogs article”. Thanks, I was not aware of this at all. Been a bit busy with work and trying to survive until my bucket lists are finished 🙂 Signed and shared!

      • Mark Treloar

        Except its not governments who want to scrap net neutrality. Its large media companies and their affiliated ISP’s

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Heh, that’s what I love about PR – as long as it’s technically true in some vague sense, it’s good to go. Who were the actual intended recipients of this press release? People who know little to nothing about gaming?

    Keep on blobbing, Gavin.

    • I presume he sent it to every media outlet he could find

      • Gerhard Davids

        Lulz, guess who’s getting cut from that list soon. Wahaha

        • I honestly don’t think he knows I’m still on it.. I’ve got a few email addresses on it actually 🙂

    • Tarisma

      I accidentally stumbled onto it on myNews24. Apparently its not just for religious debates and racism.

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        That’s crazy talk.

      • General JJ the ashamed

        Then you weren’t on News24.

  • neilhza

    Why are there even male and female divisions? This isn’t athletics or tennis where the biological differences in muscle mass demand it.

    • Videogames are inherently sexist, of course.

      • derp

        It is probably there to keep the females from being seduced by their male counterparts 😀

    • Gerhard Davids

      How dare you make a valid point on the mother f’in interwebs!
      If Collin and his cronies find you they will take your right to look at South African flags away.

      • neilhza

        Relax, I have enough medals I won just for turning up at SAWU tournaments that I can use as defensive weapons.

        • Gerhard Davids

          I choose to read SAWU as South African Weather Union.

          • neilhza

            South African you get a medal Weather you win or lose Union?

          • Gerhard Davids

            I was more thinking a Weather tournament, for them executive types like Mr Webster. Where everyone sits up high like a cloud and takes the piss on the country like one too.

          • Weanerdog

            I thought you were stating that Mr Webster had his own climatic system because of his size, and that would not be a nice thing to say.

    • Mighty Meh

      My thoughts exactly! Surely esports could be considered the ideal platform for equality. Women should actually be at the advantage due to their multitasking ability.

    • SheHulkNigri

      Girls will use their secret weapons against the guys (refresh your browser now…)

    • Tarisma

      This was my question?

    • Mossel

      This video explains it all.

      • Hammersteyn

        Choked on my sandwich. Is this even legal XD

        • Mossel

          haha probably not, some guy in my res showed me this a couple of years back. Bloody hilarious!

          • Hammersteyn

            It’s obviously a satire but not far from the truth in those days.

    • Weanerdog

      Now I would normally agree with you but as you used tennis as an example i think that you may find that the woman’s number 1 has more muscle mass than the men’s number 1.

      • HvR

        That Serena he is a women.

      • neilhza

        My post is crafty crafted to be interpreted that way too and remains valid.

        • Weanerdog

          Ah well played, here is 10 internets for your cunning cleverness.

          • neilhza

            Thank you, those additional points according to the super secret points calculation ™ push me ahead of Serbia into 9th spot.

  • Rags

    [sarcasm]At least the MSSA has updated their website[/]…

  • Umar Reborn
    • Hammersteyn

      Awesome movie

  • Charlb87

    So I understand the banner and have checked out the website…but how are they fighting back? There’s like a call to action, but the only things I can see coming out with this you can tweet with a hashtag, add a banner to your site…or give them your email address?!? Isn’t that something that they are fighting against?

    Putting the comment here, because I don’t know where else to put it.

    • The american version of the banner has the automated ability to phone and email their senators and thelike… we can just raise awareness as the power unfortunately sits in that country

      • Charlb87

        Ok, that makes more sense than what I was seeing.

  • Hammersteyn
    • Umar Reborn

      Meant to ask you, you still playing Soul Sacrifice?

      • Hammersteyn

        Yup, also EDF and currently Dynasty Warriors Next. They really went all out to incorporate the touch screen into the game with Dynasty warriors. Plus it was free on PS+

        • Umar Reborn

          Nice, we should play online some time 🙂 though I’m extremely low lvl in Soul Sacrifice. Finally got ADSL

          • Hammersteyn

            My routers antenna is broken. I have three lan cables running through the house at the moment and the PS Vita doesn’t have a port 🙁

            What’s your PS ID?

          • Umar Reborn

            Dayum, that sux, if you get up and running again lemme know. and SaveTheQueenIX

          • Hammersteyn

            Will need to buy a new router, will add you soon 😉

          • Umar Reborn

            Sweet. Don’t have much MP games on PS3, need to get some!

          • HvR

            Did the antenna break off?

            If so replace it, should have an SMA connector that screw out and a replacement shouldn’t be more than R40.

          • Hammersteyn

            Broke of and the wires pulled out of the board

          • HvR

            Eina, so the connector broke out of the board. You can try resoldering the connector but typically it will be fried.

          • Hammersteyn

            I’ll buy a new one eventually. Just need to save the settings of the first one first.

  • Laby

    Lol I suck at StartCarft 2 i just play it for fun xD

    • Captain GUZ

      Dont laugh but i actaully played the campain for the story………


        • Captain GUZ

          Lol I like to read quite a bit and picked up some starcraft E-books before 2 came out, it was very good. fills in quite a bit of the lore between broodwars and WOL

      • Kensei Seraph Moe Ninja

        Glad I’m not the only one.

      • Laby

        Who didn’t right? 😛

      • Brady miaau

        Indeed, the story and campaign replay ability is almost worth the price of purchase, alone.

      • Hammersteyn

        Same here

  • Chip

    So Lazygamer takes exception to the MSSA spinning some PR bullshit, but they lap up a nonsense press release from Microsoft about the Xbox One being the fastest selling console. Ok then.

    • er.. no.

      We posted one thing about the Xbox One doing well at the time and even gave it a caveat.. since then we have pretty much pointed out that the PS4 is doing better everywhere…

      • Chip

        I’m not suggesting there is any bias towards anything, but it seems some stories are researched more thoroughly than others.. that’s all I’m trying to say.

  • hairyknees

    *Yawn* more MSSA stupidity? I expect nothing less these days 😛

  • Outer Limits Pta

    So what you are really trying to say is that we suck but we like convincing ourselves that we don’t?

  • Sir Rants A Lot Llew. Jelly!!!

    Mmmm.. Let’s see here. Missed out on almost all articles today and what have we here? OMW!!! What? I missed the opportunity to ridicule MSSA while the topic was still hot??? Darnit!

  • Marc O Polo

    at this point i wouldn’t believe mindsports SA if they told me the earth was round, rotated around the sun and that water is wet…

  • IeSF is like the equivalent of the AA GP in the Formula racing industry.

    – No one watches it
    – No one cares
    – It is defunct
    – Bunch of hasbeen racers (players)
    – The only people that care about it, is those who have a stake in the entity

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