No, Sunset Overdrive isn’t coming to PC

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Former Xbox One exclusives have a nasty habit of appearing on PC shortly after launch, with Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 being recent examples. Just yesterday, it was looking like Sunset Overdrive was already about to follow suit, after an advert for the game listed two release platforms.

The ad in question listed Sunset Overdrive as coming to Xbox One and PC, which is one more platform than anyone expected. Microsoft was extremely quick to point out the listing as an error. Xbox’s Mike Ybarra informed the masses via Twitter of the slight blunder.

The Sunset Overdrive official account added to that shortly afterwards, again blaming an admin error.

Now, similarly to Ryse and Dead Rising 3, Microsoft does not own the rights to Sunset Overdrive. The IP belongs to developers Insomniac Games, who in November didn’t explicitly rule out the possibility of the title coming to PC. They’re just not working on it right now.

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My humble opinion? Sunset Overdrive will probably get a port within the next year, especially if it manages to become a hit on the Xbox One. That, or Microsoft will manage to lock it down as a proper exclusive, based on its success or not. Either way, more people getting to visit Sunset city doesn’t sound like a bad thing.

Last Updated: October 27, 2014

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