No, Superman probably isn’t in Batman: Arkham Knight

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As far as games go, there are few titles out there that manages to cram as many characters into the narrative than the Batman franchise. You’ve got the dark knight himself, his various allies and an entire rogues gallery to contend with, and that’s not even counting in lesser known foes and civilians. Right now, the rumour is that a certain Man Of Steel might be popping up in Arkham Knight as well. That’s most likely just what it is. A rumour.

That’s the myth according to KDramaStars, who reckon that the last son of Krypton will pop up in the game. Their evidence? Apparently a screenshot where veteran superman voice-actor George Newbern is listed as the big blue boy scout and Metropolis City leveller.


Here’s the thing. There’s no mention of Newbern on the IMDB page for the game, nor does his bio list Arkham Knight under any credits. In fact, if I wanted to, I could set up an IMDB account right now and list Geoff as an extra in Sleepless in Seattle, take a screen capture and frame it. It’s very, very easy to fake that kind of information, and get away with it.

Not to mention that this would make zero sense. Yes, there is a Batman v Superman: Dawn Of The Silly Sub-Header movie on the way, but that’s only going to be out in 2016. Shoehorning Superman into an Arkham game would do very little to take advantage of any buzz, as it would have dissipated by then.

In fact, if you’re going to add any Batman character to the game and start a rumour for it, it might as well be Kevin Spacey as Crazy Quilt.

See how easy that was? Batman: Arkham Knight is out next year. If you can’t wait, you can catch me in ladies pyjamas and a Bat-cowl and call that Arkham Nightie.

Last Updated: August 4, 2014

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