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No uPlay for South Park: Stick of Truth

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Screw uPlay, I'm going home!

Ubisoft publishes and makes some great games, but PC gamers tend to avoid them like the plague. That mostly comes down to the fact that just about every single Ubisoft game on Pc launches through Ubisoft’s Achievement and Reward and absolutely not DRM system, uPlay. Good news for South Park fans, as its been confirmed that the system wont be required for The Stick of Truth.

The news comes straight from the horses mouth as it were, with Obsidian responding to a question about whether or not the much maligned service will be needed to run the Steam version of the game. (via Ausgamers)

Usually, Ubisoft games, even running through Steam launch that blasted uPlay client along with the game, and it’s a terrible, resource-hogging bit of bloatware that often doesn’t even work. It regularly prevents people from logging in and activating their games. It does that without actually adding anything of actual value. It’s like Origin, but worse – and it’s great to see a Ubisoft game on PC without it.

I doubt this is a permanent thing and Ubisoft’s seen the error of its ways. Instead, this is probably related to The Stick of Truth originally being a THQ game, and it would be too much trouble to go and integrate uPlay in to its core now.

South Park: the Stick of Truth is coming to assault your old–gen gaming platform of choice and PC with  bad taste and bad animation early next month.

Last Updated: February 5, 2014

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