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Nolan North’s invading your movies now

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Nolan North is in everything. While you most likely know him as the charming hero Nathan Drake from Uncharted, or the confused 9-fingered lab-rat Desmond Miles in Assassin’s Creed – he’s probably voiced one or other character in many of your favourite games. In fact, Mr North is the voice of so many characters, that in some games you can even find him talking to himself.

Now, you’ll get to hear him when you pop off to the cinema – because he’ll be in J.J. Abram’s star Trek 2 – presumably voicing the entire cast. According to North, he got a role – one he admits is small –  because Abrams is a big fan of Uncharted.

“I just worked on Star Trek 2 with J. J. Abrams,” he told Eurogamer.

“The reason I did that movie – it’s a very small role – but it’s because he and his son are huge fans of Uncharted. I met him doing some work on Super 8 and he said ‘We’re doing Star Trek, you wanna do it?’ And I said I’d love to.

“He’s a huge fan of gaming and he was telling me how people just don’t understand [the medium] yet, but they’re going to catch up. They don’t understand how amazing this technology is and it doesn’t get the respect it deserves, but if it keeps making the money it makes you’re going to see more and more people converted. I mean, Gary Oldman, one of the greatest actors on the planet, did Call of Duty. He wouldn’t have done it 10 years ago. It’s a new age dawning, and I’m just really proud to be part of it.”

North believes that narrative and storytelling in video games has progressed in leaps and bounds in the last ten years.

“Gaming is being held to a new standard,” he enthused.”I really think Naughty Dog and Uncharted have really set the bar – the cinematic quality and story quality. I think it’s a very difficult thing to write for a game. You have to think of your story structure but also how that is incorporated into gameplay to make it a fun game. For instance, what [Naughty Dog creative director] Amy Hennig does – it’s pretty amazing how she can so seamlessly have her story narrative lead into gameplay.

“Over the last decade gaming has just grown by leaps and bounds and I think it’s still going up.”

You’ll get to hear North’s voice  next month as the lead protagonist, Captain Walker, in Spec Ops: The Line. And probably every single other video game released until then.

Last Updated: May 22, 2012

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