None of the console manufacturers own their domains?

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In a shocking turn of events it has come to light that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft don’t currently own the domains for their upcoming consoles, or in Nintendo’s case it’s current console.

Nintendo has been trying to take over for some time and in a surprise move the World Intellectual Property Organisation has ruled against Nintendo. Nintendo previously lodged a cyber squatting claim against the current owners who registered the domain and then tried to auction it.

Why the slam dunk case was lost isn’t yet fully known but right now Nintendo needs to grab the cheque book if they want the domain.

But in even more surprising news it has come to light that Sony doesn’t currently own (currently owned by Poise Media) And Microsoft still doesn’t have its hands on (owned by Krasimir Ivanov) or (owned by Value

For me these are three obvious cybersquatters but with Nintendo losing their case the heads of Xbox and PlayStation may decide that it will be cheaper just to pay the guys off rather than getting lawyers involved.

The most surprising of all is that Sony doesn’t own PlayStation 4, I can understand that Nintendo and Microsoft didn’t want to tip the press off to their upcoming news but we all knew what the next PlayStation was going to be called.

Last Updated: July 1, 2013

Gavin Mannion

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