North Korea invades America… welcome to Homefront

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One of the most marketed and yet secretive games of E3 this year was Homefront from THQ.

Across the road from the LA Convention Centre a huge parking lot was turned into North Korean territory surrounded by razor wire and guarded by multiple armed soldiers. Inside the centre we often saw North Korean soldiers marching through the convention which while awesome was completely lost on us as we never got any hands on time with Homefront… the title behind all of this.

The basis of Homefront is that North Korea launches a full scale attack on America and succeeds… You may think that’s absurd but keep in mind that North Korea has a standing army (including reserves) of 9,495,000 million people giving them a 7 million person count over the all powerful American army (2.4m).

Actually the 6th largest armies are all based in South East Asia and include (in order) Russia (21.5 million), North Korea, South Korea (8.6m), Vietnam (5.4m), India (4.7m) and China (3.4m).. followed by America and then America’s best buddy, Iran (2.3m).

So if North Korea managed to join forces with Russia and Vietnam we would all be in seriously deep trouble.

So that’s the basis of the game in a nutshell… the story has great potential and as you are about to see from the new multiplayer video below the game is looking fantastic.

As an aside our standing army is estimated at being 89 535 with Australia at 74 662 and Zimbabwe at 50 800. France has 469,461 people standing by to surrender against the UK’s 374,970.

Last Updated: October 4, 2010

Gavin Mannion

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