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November was Star Citizen’s strongest month yet, over $250 million raised to date

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That hefty sum of cash has been handed out by 2, 448, 842 backers who I’m sure are totally not disappointed in their investments.


I’m not one for conspiracy theories. Polybius was never a game designed by the US government to gather data on teens and I have never for one second believed there to be a Bigfoot running around the forests of San Andreas. What I’m saying is that it would take a fairly substantial argument in something relatively unfounded to make me buy into whatever high concept theory you were pedalling.

However, if you had to sit me down tomorrow and say to me, without a shred of evidence, that Star Citizen was actually some kind of ghost company owned by Disney to fund the experiment that would both unfreeze and reattach old Walt’s head to his shriveled corpse, I would nod with such vitriolic agreement I’d need to see my chiropractor. The crowd-funded game that has been more a meme than actual game for several years now has just passed another milestone, having earned a total of $251, 061, 311 through backers and purchases.


To put that into perspective, Star Citizen, which has been in development since 2011, now has a budget bigger than James Cameron’s Avatar and just shy of Grand Theft Auto V’s. Nine million of that came from November alone as backers of the game had no doubt been working themselves up for CitizenCon, a fan event held on November 23rd.


Star Citizen will be adding a new planet this month called MicroTech and will also be debuting a 20v20 multiplayer shooter mode next year. Which sounds…fun, I guess. Hey, if you have the cash to splurge on digital space ships, go ahead, I’m not going to judge you. Everyone else will, but at least you’ll know that talking to me will be a totally judgement-free zone. Maybe.

Last Updated: December 2, 2019

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