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What recession

Is there an apocalypse planned for this year? We were supposed to have that Mayan apocalypse in 2012 when the calendar ran out, and I’m sure there were some others predicted for last year. People love to predict doom and gloom, and we’ve been told for years that the video game industry is dying. Yet the numbers for 2013 are in, and the industry is still very much alive.

The NPD issued its video game spending report for the US of A in 2013. The data includes new and used retail, rental and digital, including subscriptions and DLC. So, pretty much everything.

According to NPD, Americans (of people who travelled to America to buy their games, or people who pretend to be American to gain access to the US downloads) spent $15.39 billion in 2013 – that’s equivalent to almost 817 Nkandlas! While physical software sales declined by 11%, the growth in digital and mobile sales were able to make up for it. Additionally, hardware purchases were up 5% in 2013 – not surprising considering the launch of new consoles. That said, seeing as the PS4 and Xbox One launched late in the year, it just shows how much people bought.

Overall, spending across hardware and software was up by 2%. In a multi-billion dollar industry during a global economic crisis, that’s really not too shabby. I still find it amazing that the video game industry is bigger than movies and music combined. Yet somehow gaming is a niche market? Go figure.

Last Updated: February 12, 2014

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