Nu-Metro 'confirms' Midway license

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I don’t know if it’s maybe just a South African thing but the local distributors are just refusing to confirm or deny any of these rumours that are floating around at the moment.

However I can now confirm with a large degree of confidence that Nu Metro Interactive have taken over the local Midway distribution in South Africa.

Nu Metro are yet to make an announcement about this, or I just haven’t received it, but I have received their upcoming release schedule which is peppered with Midway titles on all three platforms.

The next big Midway title is Wheelman, which I am not overly interested in but if they can avoid being shut down by the lenders then Midway will also be releasing This is Vegas later this year and that really does look pretty good. 

As always we will post more news as it becomes available…

Update: I have received official confirmation from Nu Metro that they have the Midway licence and that the press release will be winging it into our inboxes in the near future

Last Updated: February 19, 2009

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