Oculus Rift brings Japan creepy into your living room

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Oh Japan how we love your weird fetishes! What would we get to write about on quiet news days if you didn’t invent a virtual reality girlfriend simulator complete with a creepy female lower torso shaped pillow to touch and cozy up to?

So are you sitting alone at home, desperately alone. All you want is a female companion and if being human or alive aren’t two of the things you look for in a lady, you could be in luck.

The Japanese indie developer team, Up Frontier, have created a virtual reality simulator which comes with this nifty lap pillow that you do not use for what you probably think it’s used for.

No this is an entirely SFW game and from the gameplay clip below we can see the pillow is used to gently rub the leg and then to lay your head down and look up into your virtual girlfriends big eyes while she talks to you and tells you how amazing you are.

I’m all for realistic games that help people deal with emotional issues or even to give them that companionship that people need, but this thing creeps me out. I actually think I’d find it less weird if they sold it with a full sized sex doll instead.

How long do you think it’s going to be before someone makes an iPad game that uses this Oculus Rift attachment and that creepy Fleshlight attachment for the iPad?

Last Updated: August 5, 2014

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