Of course Far Cry 4’s getting a season pass

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We know very, very little about Far Cry 4, other than the fact that it’s coming in November, is set in the Himalayas, and could possibly be both racist and homophobic. We’ve seen no gameplay, no stills of the game…nothing. We do, however, know that the game is getting a season pass.

The news comes via GameStop listing (via GameSpot) that show fans are expected to shell out $30 for the privilege of getting more content in the games they already pay $60 for. According to the retailer, it’ll launch alongside the game in November.

There’s no word on what the Season Pass contains, but with Far Cry 4’s greater emphasis on multiplayer this time around, expect multiplayer maps and skins aplenty.

"We are working on launching games that will be played for a longer time," Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot said in the same financial earnings call that revealed Far Cry 4.  "This will allow us to do more DLC [and] item-based sales in those games."

It seems Ubisoft is taking the idea by the horns and running with it. Even their next game, Watch Dogs has so many different editions and add-on digital content that it’s difficult to know just which version to buy to get the content you want.

I don’t mind DLC done right, but the idea of Season Passes is irksome. Paying money beforehand, sight unseen for digital content  – for a game we’ve seen very nearly nothing of?  That’s just stupid – but it’s a sort of stupidity I suppose we’re going to have to get used to seeing. 

Last Updated: May 21, 2014

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