Of course Polyphony Digital is working on Gran Turismo 6!

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Polyphony Digital Boss Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that work has started on Gran Turismo 6. Well, of course it has. They said the same thing nearly a year ago.

“Of course we’re working on GT6 already,” he told IGN, “and I think what really will be the separating factor is something that we can’t update through a DLC is something that obviously has to be saved for GT6. Things that we can provide through DLC we will, so that’s really the market difference”

“Things that we can provide through DLC we will, so that’s really the market difference,” he said. And indeed they will; Gran Turismo fans can expect new vehicles (hopefully premium ones) added to GT5 every two months. “What we do from here on is also really dependent on the reaction of the users to this first DLC that we just released because this is the first one,” he said. “Now we have the feedback from our customers and we’ll see how that will affect what we will do from here.”

Using precedent; if work on GT 6 is underway, I think we can expect to pay full retail price for a demo in 2 years, with a final retail release of an unfinished game sometime in 2017. More seriously, the constant updates and DLC are a good thing; GT 5 all patched up is a very different, and vastly superior game to the GT 5 that released last November.

Our resident petrol head Nick recently listed some improvements to GT he feels would allow GT to wrest the racing crown back from Forza. What do you think? What I really want from GT6, something that’s completely missing from GT 5, is the Nissan Skyline or at least one variant of it.

Last Updated: November 11, 2011

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