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Official Mainstream Gears of War 2 map code answer

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Apparently a few other people have been hassling Microsoft for an answer for the lack of Gears of War 2 mapcodes and we now have a mass media response from Microsoft

It’s lengthy so click through to see what they have to say

The Gears of War 2 limited collector’s edition for the South African market does not contain any of the downloadable elements found in the version advertised on international websites & where the Live service is available. Live has not launched in South Africa at this point and as a result downloadable content which relies on users having legitimate access to the service is excluded from the content of the collector’s edition.

Legislation and a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority prevents us from utilizing Live branding on local versions of the game until such time as the service is available in country. The inclusion of Live branding and Live related content would imply that the service is available locally and could be construed as being misleading .

We are in the process of seeking alternative methods of delivering this content as we recognise the value this content to our local customers. In addition we remain committed to bringing Live to SA but unfortunately there is no update with regards to a launch date at this point. We appreciate your understanding at this time as we seek an alternative solution to this issue.

So in other words, you aren’t supported and you ain’t getting it… my professional answer, I don’t care if we are not supported just give us the damn codes. We are on Live anyway and you know it so stop hiding behind bollocks and hand em out… 

Which is why Nick is the one dealing with them and not me…

Hopefully we can come to some deal with them and give away a pile of codes in a comp or something *nudge nudge, wink wink*

Thanks to Spl0it (HelloPeter) and CraigN

Last Updated: November 14, 2008

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