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Official US sales figure for March

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So it looks like my old favourite site vgchartz.com is getting it all wrong at the moment.

If you remember, according to vgchartz,  the PS3 outsold the 360 in the US for every week in the month of March… well that wasn’t quite correct.

The 100% official NPD stats for the month of March have now been released and look as follows…

Wii  – 721K
DS  – 698K
PSP – 297K
360  – 262K
PS3  – 257K

So the 360 actually manage to overtake the PS3 once more but only just, there was a good surge in PSP sales which will make Sony happy but just look at how well Nintendo is doing… It really is truly amazing…

On the software front the PS3 is still suffering with only 1 title in the top 10 (Army of Two 224k) while the 360 has 4, it’s top title was Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 with 752k units sold (2nd on the list). The Wii also did well with 3 titles, it’s top title was the best selling Super Smash Bros with 2.7 million units sold.

The PSP took the remaining to slots..

So with the announcement yesterday of the huge increase in Xbox 360 sales in Europe and now it takes it’s number two spot back in the States things are looking up for the 360 once more… Obviously Sony are expecting a huge boost with the release of GTA IV, but to tell you the truth so is Microsoft…

This war hasn’t ended yet…

NeoGAF – View Single Post – Official March NPD – There are no words. Almost $1B in SW sales

Last Updated: April 18, 2008

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