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Oh look! Another “official pic” of the PSP2

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Man, Thursday’s announcement cannot come fast enough; I’m getting so bored with these “leaks” and speculations. And yes I totally get the inherent irony in my bitching about it and yet perpetuating the rumour-mill. Whatever – think of it as a public service announcement veiled in a thin layer of impatience.

This new “official pic” comes courtesy of Kotaku, who picked it up from the Japanese forum 2ch. It’s of dubious origin and is a photograph of what looks like a product fact sheet. At the very bottom of the pic is a cropped out sentence; it’s difficult to see but you can still make out “©2011 Sony Computer Entertainment…” etc. Kotaku has highlighted a number of suspicious points with the picture, however.

Obviously, the unit looks a lot different to that shown in the images that were leaked a few months ago. The thumbsticks are in a different position as well. What’s more, the PSP2 branded memory stick is an older version of Memory Stick that Sony stopped producing a while ago.

Whether or not this is the final thing is kind of a moot point at this stage seeing as how the official reveal is expected on Thursday. If you’re super-keen to find out what the announcement is about then hop online just after 8AM South African time; we should have answers for you by then.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: January 26, 2011

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