Oh no, Australia is better than us

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I do thoroughly love making fun of the Australians and their arrogance but even I can be man enough to admit it when they really do something better than us and this is one of those days.

According to a recent report on Kotaku it seems that Australia has become the first country to wake up and smell the benefits of an automated age restriction system.

In the latest discussion around age restrictions this little nugget popped up

– Enable the use of automated classification decision making systems, starting with a pilot for mobile and online computer games;

It makes perfect sense, let the developers fill in the details and get an age restriction. If they lie simply fine them massively and stop them using the system for 12 months. This will massively increase the cost of development and will be a solid deterrent for any dodgy developers.

If only our FPB would come to their senses and allow the same thing locally.

Last Updated: April 5, 2013

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