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OK motion control…you’ve gone too far!

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I’ve said it numerous times; I’m not exactly enamoured with motion-aided controls in videogames. I’m a lazy bastard, and all I want to do is sit my lazy-arse down on the couch when I want to game. The Wii and the PlayStation Move use wand-like peripherals, while Microsoft’s Kinect uses your body as the terribly inaccurate controller. They’re all too much like work. This though? This is worse.

This is the Wizdish, a new peripheral for the PC that allows you to physically walk the hundreds of miles you have to traverse in open world games such as Skyrim or Far Cry – which is possibly the most pointless and stupid thing ever.

I’m all for immersion in games…but walking for hours on end just isn’t it. The Wizdish functions as an omnidirectional treadmill, and could actually be useful for virtual reality simulations, and probably quite need when paired with the Occulus Rift – but keep it out of my games, please.

Last Updated: October 16, 2012

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