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Okamiden Trailer is Ridiculously Cute

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ÅŒkami is one of the best games you’ve probably never played. Developed by Capcom’s ill-fated Clover Studio for the PS2, and more recently ported to the Wii, it’s an action adventure that rivals – and in many ways exceeds – the best from the Legend of Zelda series.

While critically acclaimed, sales of the game were so poor that chances of a sequel were pretty slim. The game even earned a dubious Guinness record, as "least commercially successful winner of a game of the year award.” Thankfully somebody at Capcom decided to give the series another chance – resulting in ÅŒkamiden, a Nintendo DS-bound sequel. Those who’ve played the original would know that the stylus-equipped DS may be the perfect home for the game.

If you’ve never played ÅŒkami, do yourself a favour and pick it up – so you can join me in anticipation for the sequel.

Find the game’s ridiculously cute trailer after the jump.

Last Updated: July 20, 2010

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