Okami’s getting the HD remake treatment

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I’ve had enough of the HD remakes this generation. For some reason – probably because it’s a relatively cheap way to make a bunch of money from slightly nostalgic gamers, or maybe because real new ideas are bound to indies and new AAA IP’s are too much of a risk – we’ve been inundated with HD remakes of games that aren’t really all that old. It’s infuriating. and then Capcom goes and announces an HD port of Okami…and I can’t hate that.

Okami (originally a PS2 game, later ported to the Wii), from Capcom’s now defunct Clover Studios is one of the most strikingly beautiful games from the last generation – and it’s a damned good game to boot. following the Legend of Zelda Formula, Okami follows the story of Amateratsu – the Japanese sun Goddess – in the form of a white wolf as she restores beauty to a world overtaken by malevolent, supernatural beings.

It’s now coming to the PS3, sporting beautiful 1080p visuals, PlayStation Move support and trophies. It will release as a PSN download in North America and Europe this autumn, for $20. If you’ve not played it this is your chance – and I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Last Updated: June 20, 2012

Geoffrey Tim

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