On Sale Now: A whole new way to get people to laugh at you!

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Are you too cool? Are you sick and tired of women chasing you around all day long? Have you been looking for some way to protect yourself from copious amounts of sexual torture? Well search no more, we give you the solution that you’ve always been looking for: Introducing the Wii-mote Cufflinks! (complete lack of a social life sold seperately)

More info on this amazing product after the jump!

Seriously, these cufflinks are real. Yes you read that correctly, this is not a hoax or some photoshopped prank. These bad boys are available at the very affordable price of $150 (R1146.00) from designer Ravi Ratan and are crafted from Sterling Silver. To make matters worse, they don’t even work with the Wii, sheesh.

The overview on the website cufflinks.com, says the following about the product:

“For those times that you are away from your beloved gaming system, at least you can pretend to pretend to be fighting your evil nemesis, Gargamel.

Gaming cufflinks inspired by the popular Nintendo Wii video game revolution. The double sided cufflinks feature the wiimote on one end, and the nunchuk on the other. In sterling silver.

Pretend to pretend? I hope that was a typo. To make matters even worse they have also got the same type of product sporting dual-shock controllers instead, again, without any actual functionality, or dualshock for that matter!

Im just going to save some money by buying some old PS1 controllers, spraying them silver and hanging them from my sleeves. Another top tip from Lazygamer.co.za!

source: Kotaku

Last Updated: April 23, 2008

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