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One of Animal Crossing’s biggest fans is an 87-year-old grandma

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Here’s the thing about Animal Crossing: It consumes your life. Some people find it very easy to log thousands of hours in games like Dota 2 or Overwatch but Animal Crossing? That series is way more addictive than either of those games. The satisfaction of just building and maintaining your town is enough to keep people coming back daily for years on end. That’s the beauty of a game that takes place in real-time, you’re basically required to keep checking in to see how things are developing. Such is the case with and as yet unnamed Nana who’s recently just shared her passion for Animal Crossing with the Internet and her stats are more than a little impressive. A woman after my own heart.


In a post on Twitter, user @phubans shared the story of their gran’s obsession with Animal Crossing New Leaf, explaining that the 87-year-old’s frequently used 3DS recently broke. While it may have been a tragedy had her family not taken quick action, a new 3DS was swiftly acquired and a system transfer was conducted to ensure Nana could keep playing games. It was then that her playtime in New Leaf was discovered and the numbers are tremendous. Having logged 3580 hours in the game and having fired up the game roughly 2,521 times, daily according to the original post, it’s clear that this elderly lady is more of a pro-gamer than any of us will ever be.

If you feel like a bit of wholesome news in these troubling times, check out the thread over on ResetEra. It’s one of the rare occasions of the comment section actually being a profoundly lovely place to scroll through.

Last Updated: March 17, 2020

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