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One of the largest high street retailers fails in the UK

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The Internet is responsible for a lot of things, the decline of print, the increase in information and free access to porn for all.. but the Internet does not only use its power for good, unfortunately there is also a sad side to it and this has reared its head again with yet another huge retailer failing to stay afloat.

HMV is one of the largest music and gaming retailers in the UK and as of yesterday it has announced that is has entered administration to try and stay afloat.

According to HMV they don’t see this as the end but rather as a way to enter a new chapter and to return better than ever.

“We don’t see this as a final chapter; we still believe there is a future.”

Unfortunately I do think they are fooling themselves, humanity is a strange breed and while I personally love wandering around these huge stores looking at all the awesome things they have on display, I would rarely buy anything while there.

Here’s an example. I’m in France at the moment and I saw an incredible Skylanders carry case for 23 Euro’s which I’d love to get for my kids

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The problem is that I have no money.. and apart from that I can’t say that I believe this to be worth R260. So I just jumped onto the Internet now and can get it for $15 from Amazon or 13GBP from Toys R Us.

It is available locally but only for R220 from TakeALot.

But that’s the core of the problem, the Internet retailers cut out the costs of sales people, rent, multiple store upkeep and the rest and can rather use that money to centralise and optimise and give us the savings.

But what they can’t do is replicate that ability to walk around stores and touch and feel how the products are. Maybe the only solution for retailers is to charge us to browse.. but imagine how badly that would be taken.

I for one am not looking forward to the day when all gaming and music retailers are online based only but I do feel it is inevitable.

Last Updated: January 16, 2013

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