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One piece of DLC won’t make it into Mass Effect: Legendary Edition due to data corruption

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One of the most impressive feats of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, beyond just taking a dated game and making it look pretty damn good, is that it’ll include over 40 pieces of DLC across three games. Yet while that may be cool, there’s one piece of downloadable content that just didn’t make the cut.

Not because Bioware didn’t want to include but because they can’t. Pinnacle Station, a single-player DLC for the first Mass Effect, added a small hub room to run around and a combat simulator to practice your skills in, but it won’t be in Legendary Edition because the source code was corrupted.


A similar issue was faced back when the original game was first ported onto the PS3; Bioware confirmed that Pinnacle Station wouldn’t be included in that port due to corrupted data. Yet since Mass Effect: Legendary Edition went into production, the studio doubled down and attempted to repair the game’s code or find a non-corrupted version.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case.

According to project director Mac Walters, Bioware reached out and contacted the original developer, an external studio by the name of Demiurge Studios, who happened to have the files of Pinnacle Station just lying around. Turns out, those were also all corrupted.


Speaking to Game Informer, Mac Walters said, “I wish we could do it. Honestly, just because this is meant to be everything that the team ever created, brought together again – all the single-player content. And so, leaving it all on the cutting-room floor, it was heartbreaking.” Even though it’s a single piece of DLC, it’s sad to know that Pinnacle Station is likely lost forever.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launches on 15 May on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with backwards compatibility support for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Last Updated: February 4, 2021

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    February 4, 2021 at 06:22

    This will be the 1st thing i will ever pre order, can’t wait


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