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Only on PSN–October specials

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Sony has announced a brand new promotion for the month of October called “Only on PSN”

Which will feature brand new titles that are only available on the PSN being released weekly for the month of October and then if you spend over $60 over the entire month of October you are going to receive a bonus $10 cashback in November.

There are some incredibly unique games lined up for you such as Eufloria and Rochard which have been developed exclusively for the PSN along with other titles that can only be found on the PSN such as Sideway: New York and Sodium Collection.

Sony has also announced that certain PS2 titles will be making their way back to the PSN, these titles are entirely original and as such you won’t be unlocking any trophies with them but if you’ve never played God Hand, GrimGrimoire or Odin Sphere then October’s going to be your month, if you like playing older titles that is.

To be honest I don’t think I’ve played any of those but I’ve never been a fan of emulators or playing most older titles so I’m happy to give those a skip and just check out the new ones.

Here’s the official video showing you what you can experience in October “Only on PSN”

Last Updated: October 4, 2011

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