Origin will no longer ship physical copies of games

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No more shipping problems

Did you know that you can buy your games online through EA’s Origin service and request a physical copy of the game to be delivered to you? Yeah me neither but apparently you can…or should I say you could.

EA has announced that from the 4th of April they will no longer sell physical copies of their games through the Origin store. You can still pick up your physical copies from all retailers as usual it is just that Origin itself will no longer do that.

It’s obviously just a way to cut some costs as according to EA 99% of people who purchase via Origin only want a digital copy so I would presume the logistics required for posting those few discs is just not worth it.

The full press release goes as follows

Starting April 4th Origin will be going all digital. This means the Origin game store will be entirely digital downloads for PC and Mac.

What does this mean for you? If you’re among 99% of our users, absolutely nothing. Your shopping experience hasn’t changed one single bit.

But if you’re that 1% who still desires a physical collection, we want to let you know that Origin won’t be able to fulfill that need beginning April 4th. We’ll still be here when you transition your gaming habits to the wonders of digital downloads.

Digital is fast and convenient. Origin’s focus is to give gamers the best experience, and going all-digital will make that possible.

Just to clarify again, EA will still be selling boxed version of games to retailers for you to buy. This is only applicable to their online Origin store.

Last Updated: April 2, 2014

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