Original Xbox used to smuggle drugs

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Four men were recently arrested for smuggling a large amount of cocaine – thousands of grams in fact. This sort of thing, sadly, is not unheard of. What makes this particular story different though? The culprits smuggled their goods by means of an original Xbox.

The drugs in question were worth thousands of dollars (VG247 via NBC Philadelphia)

According to investigators, one of the shipments described as “Video Game Xbox 360 Use” was sent to a home on the 500 block of Spruce Street in Reading, Pennsylvania. The shipment was an Xbox video game console containing around 1100 grams of cocaine with a potential street value of over $100,000, police said.

That is a lot of money. Surely with that kind of cash flow, a bigger console could have been used, say like, an Xbox One? I always imagine that console being a million times bigger than others for some reason, but it’s not THAT big when compared to the original Xbox.


Jokes aside, this doesn’t seem to be the only Xbox the culprits have used. They must have been running one hell of an operation with the following equipment that was obtained:

  • 1100 grams of cocaine with the potential street value in excess of $100,000
  • Representative kilogram substitute containing a testable quantity of cocaine
  • Miscellaneous x-box game console and parts.
  • Miscellaneous documents pertaining to the defendants
  • Miscellaneous packaging material related to cocaine
  • Heat sealer machine
  • Additional miscellaneous x-box components and shipping packaging
  • Cutting agent related to cocaine.
  • Five counter-surveillance cameras
  • Over fourteen cellular telephones
  • Box of .40 caliber ammunition and loaded gun magazine
  • Digital scale
  • Plastic bag containing “crack” cocaine
  • Approx. $600.00 in U.S. Currency

Investigators also said they found Xbox gaming consoles on the kitchen table inside the Cumru Township home which had been disassembled.
Looks like they were getting ready to move quantities more regularly with all the other Xbox consoles lying around. What’s sad is that all the culprits are in their 20s. They have been taken into custody.

I’ve never been one for drugs. No really, I know I come across as twitchy and half of what I write doesn’t make sense, but that’s all natural

Last Updated: October 15, 2014

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