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Our first day at Gamescom 2012

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So before heading out to Gamescom last month I did a quick sales round trying to organise us a proper camera so we could do cool video montage’s of our trip and showcase the entire event. Unfortunately I didn’t do a good job of selling a marketing package worth R50k for a device worth R6k… so it never happened.

Never fear though, our trusty Megarom rep @iam_Devon never misses an opportunity to get his face in front of a camera and has very kindly put together a montage of him in Germany with Geoff, Miklos and I so that we can show it off here.

I’m pretty sure he made it just for us and not to try give himself more screen time.. surely…

With Geoff currently being on an airplane today is the best day to post this so you can all make disparaging remarks about him and he can’t defend himself.. go wild.

And thanks Devon for putting this together now get cracking on part two where we actually see the conference.

Last Updated: September 12, 2012

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