Our legal woes continue and it’s costing a fortune

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High Court in Pretoria

As our regular readers are well aware I am currently in legal wrangling with the ex-President and current General Secretary of the MSSA, Colin Webster.

Unfortunately since the case is currently on going which means I can’t talk that much about it. But to put it in simple terms Mr Webster took offence to something that I posted on this website and has taken his complaints to the High Court in Pretoria. The very same court Oscar Pistorious is currently facing murder charges in.

Seems excessive to me but hey the legal system is a complicated beast and this is where we are.

I’m currently being represented by the great team at Webber Wentzel who are specialists in these matters and we’ve made, what I felt was a fair, settlement offer but this was rejected and I in turn rejected the requested settlement discussions from Mr Webster.

What this means is that we need a judge to decide and now we are effectively doomed to litigation which is a horrifically expensive and painful experience.

The last time I requested help with the legal funds you guys and girls were incredible and raised an incredible R23 800 which blew me away. Added to the R20 000 I have thrown in already and we now have a legal fund of R43 800 which I was sure would be more than enough.

I was wrong. The legal team has quoted an estimated cost of R60 000 which is including a 15% discount as they feel this is an important case to fight.

But that cost also excludes the Advocate and since you require an Advocate to enter the High Court we have been quoted an extra R40 000 for a day and a half. Yeah we’re all in the wrong industry aren’t we.

Thankfully we seem to be confirming an Advocate at around half that price but it still means I’m around R35 000 down.

So I again turn to the community and ask that if you are able to help out in any way and feel this fight is worth fighting then I would be most humbled if you could send your donations into my dedicated legal fund account.

Gavin Mannion
Account Number: 62459882413
Branch Code: 255955

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My court date is on Tuesday at 10am. Hopefully at that time we will have a final answer regarding all of this.

Last Updated: March 13, 2014

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