Outcast Reboot HD heads to Kickstarter

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So which big box PC game is gathering dust on your shelf? I’ve got a couple, but one of the odder titles that I purchased in my wilder years, had to be outcast. A game that pushed my mighty Pentium II 400 Mhz PC to the bleeding edge. And it’s making a comeback.

If you never played Outcast, it was a visually ahead of its time game from 1999, that had many, many voxels. Damn, I miss that weird technology. Open-world before Grand Theft Auto 3 made it mainstream, the game was a challenging romp back in the day.

Fresh3D is handling the HD remake, and they’ve taken to Kickstarter to raise some funds. The project is currently sitting on $80 247 from the $600 000 that they need, at the time of writing. According to the page, this is what the initial funding benchmark will net gamers:

  • All objects, textures, environments and characters entirely remade from scratch in hi-definition.
  • Targets 1080p @ 60fps, and supports beyond HD
  • Enhanced adventure:
    . Annoying story bugs removed
    . Improved HUD
    . Improved inventory
    . Improved notepad
    . Improved dialog interface
  • New Cutter locomotion, control and animations
  • New camera control
  • Xbox and PS4 controller (and other compatible) support on Windows

Stretch goals for the game go from $750 000 to $1.7 million. The more cash that backers throw at the project that goes beyond the $600 000 goal, the bigger the chance that the game can include Oculus Rift support, more visual razzamatazz and even a new-gen console release. Snazzy.

Pledges range from the usual $5 pat on the back, to $20 for a digital release, $200 for a collectors edition that throws in all kinds of goodies and the $10 000 promise that includes all manner of the developers drafting your ideas into the game.

Last Updated: April 9, 2014

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