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Over 2 million Xbox Ones sold in 18 days

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That's Microsoft on the left

Major Nelson, the community mouth piece of the Xbox division has just revealed that the Xbox One had some incredible sales in its first couple of days.

How incredible you ask?

Well how’s 2 million sold in 18 days for you? According to the stats posted Xbox has officially sold through, that’s into the hands of gamers, over 2 million units.

Since launch there have been over 83 million hours spent in games on the Xbox One, 39 million achievements unlocked and 595 million gamerscore points assigned.

However those are all just numbers really and are hard to comprehend. So how about this stat.. at its peak the Xbox One was being sold 1000 units a minute on Amazon.com

1000 sales a freaking minute, that’s mind blowing.

According to the vice president of Entertainment at Walmart, the worlds largest retailer, the Xbox One is one of the hottest sellers in this holiday season and was a top seller in the black Friday massacre.

You have to hand it to Microsoft they’ve definitely fought back incredibly well from their dismal showing at Gamescom and E3 earlier this year. There is still a long way to go in this console generation but it is already quite clear that neither the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 is going to dominate the early game.

Now it’s all going to come down to the games and I have to say of all the exclusives on the way I can’t see anything more enticing than Titan Fall.

Last Updated: December 11, 2013

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