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Overall PS4 owners are more satisfied than Xbox One owners

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Gamespot has surveyed nearly 4000 next generation console owners to judge how satisfied they are with their purchase and right now the PlayStation 4 brand is winning with an overall rating of 8.71 out of 10.

The Xbox One isn’t that far behind with an overall satisfaction rating of 8.2/10 which goes to show that both consoles have landed well with the gamers but if we didn’t compare the two then what else could we talk about so close to the holiday season, thanks Neogaf

2405174-gamespot satisfaction survey 2013

What I do find interesting however is that the high up the satisfaction charts you go the bigger the PS4’s lead becomes while the exact opposite happens as you go down the chart.

With 6% of the Xbox One owners rating their console as a 4 or less compared to only 2% for the PlayStation 4 crowd.

It’s definitely still early days but the Xbox One is targeted more towards the American market with their cable integration so I can’t see the Xbox One doing any better than this American study when it is finally released in all regions.

However the real winner of this generation will be chosen by the games that are released on both platforms. The Xbox One has teased some incredible exclusives in the near future and Sony has recently stated that new IP’s are critical to the future of the PlayStation 4 making this generation possibly the most exciting one we’ll ever see.

And people were worried that console gaming was dying.

Last Updated: December 19, 2013

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