Overwatch is dropping scores in its latest build

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Just about every game publisher is out there is interested in making a free to play competitive arena shooter these days, especially if it has visuals ripped straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon. Arena shooters are the latest hot trend in gaming, seeing as how developers have pretty much given up on making MOBA’s bigger than League of Legends or DOTA.

Which means that we’re going to be a in a very crowded market soon. thing is, Blizzard might have something going for them. They’ve got a dedicated fanbase for sure, but they’ve got something else as well: A game where getting the highest kill-count isn’t the only end-goal.

“In our latest build we really revamped that whole [scoring] system,” game designer Geoff Goodman said to Rock Paper Shotgun.

OW110_Final (1)

In fact the scoring been completely pulled out. You don’t even see a number anymore.

The way it works internally – what we’re testing – is instead of seeing the score you see your own stats so you can see how much damage you’re doing and stuff on the corner if you want that kind of information and you can see where you stand relative to other people.

So I can see if I’m first place or if I’m second place let’s say you get a little medal there [on the screen].

You can’t see who is in first place or how much they have or anything but it gives you a good understanding of how well you’re doing and streamlines the whole thing and cleans everything up.

But scoring has some problems and we thought this was a different approach we hadn’t seen before and wanted to test. So far it’s been going really well so we’ll probably end up rolling that out, hopefully pretty soon.

That doesn’t mean that proper scoring won’t be in the final game, but it’s an interesting idea that I’d like to see implemented into Overwatch as it could really impact on the psychology of how these games are played.

And it’s at least one thing that’s different from the flood of similar Saturday morning cartoon games that are on the way.

Last Updated: October 13, 2015

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