Pac-Man and Mega Man announced for Street Fighter X Tekken

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Firstly, WTF… I knew Capcom were the kings at milking but this is getting a little ridiculous now, apparently the 2 latest additions to Street Fighter x Tekken are Pac-Man and Mega Man…

It makes no sense but it gets worse.

I started gym recently to try and lose around 50 kilo’s (that’s how it feels) and I’ve been berating myself for letting myself go over the last few years but my personal lack of exercise has nothing on Mega Man.

I mean look at him, he looks like he ate all Pac-Man’s pills and the only reason he’s entering into this competition is because the winner was promised a pile of hamburgers


Which character artist though this was a good idea?

But then again I guess the guy had to find a way to make Pac-Man a valid fighting character so we can forgive him just this once.


Yeah I know you want to see how these guys are actually going to fight, well thankfully Capcom has released a video showing both of them along with Cole from inFamous and some kittens (really have no idea)

It seems that if you are planning on giving your money to Capcom the best idea is to get the PS3 version as it has the most content.

Last Updated: January 27, 2012

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