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Pachter can’t believe that Satoru Iwata still has a job

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Words to live by

Michael Pachter is well known in the video game business for predicting trends and outcomes for his financial clients but as his fame has grown so has his confidence in making even more outlandish statements.

And today is no different with Pachter speaking at the game monetization summit in San Francisco and going out on a ledge to state

“I don’t know why Iwata is still employed,”

This is in regards to discussing how the Nintendo President has steadfastly refused to allow the Nintendo licences to be used on any other platform. Imagine the amount of money Nintendo could bring in if they released Mario and Pokemon onto the iPad at $5 a pop?

Michael’s main point is not a new one with many people wondering if Nintendo should look at leaving the hardware business and just focus on their amazingly solid core brands. However publicly stating that the president should be fired seems a bit harsh.

He also goes on to predict that the PlayStation 4 will beat the Xbox One in this generation but that is purely down to the cost factor with the PS4 coming in at $100 cheaper.

What do you think? Should Nintendo leave the hardware business and just become a software publisher?

Last Updated: December 6, 2013

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