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Pachter: Nintendo’s late to everything

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Unless his name is Rincewind.

In the latest episode of Michal Pachter’s Pach Attack on Gametrailers, the analysts took the time to do what he does best: Hate the hell out of Nintendo. He thinks Nintendo’s decision to release the Canada-specific Wii Mini alongside the Wii U was a stupid one; something that came along far too late – like everything else Nintendo does.

“I just think Nintendo’s a few years late,” Pachter asserted on Pach Attack (via Nintendo Insider). “So, the Wii U is the Wii HD, it’s coming three years too late. The Wii Mini was a great idea back in 2008/2009, they probably should have brought it out then – they’re way too late.

He believes Nintendo strives too hard for perfection – and that means that many of its products and services only see release a few years later than they should.

“Poor Nintendo, I think they try way too hard to get things right and it takes a long time. The eShop is seven or eight years too late, online multiplayer for Nintendo is seven or eight years too late.

“Nintendo has got great ideas, it’s just that they’re great ideas from the last decade. The Wii Mini is one of them.”

While I do agree with his sentiments on the Wii Mini; it’s something that Nintendo should have released years ago, worldwide. I also think Nintendo should have put a little more focus in to their online connectivity years ago – but to say that everything Nintendo does comes too late is a little silly. Love it or hate it, but they made motion-controlled gaming a viable thing – a bandwagon that both Microsoft and Sony jumped on, and were first to market with glasses-free 3D in its 3DS.

I also have no doubt that we’ll be seeing a couple off the Wii U’s innovations – like, perhaps, 2nd-screen gaming or Near-field communication – in next-generation consoles from Sony and MS.

Last Updated: January 21, 2013

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