Pachter: No Xbox 720 next year

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There’s been a lot of talk of next-gen. We already know that Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, is being prepped for release next year – and it’s spurred on numerous rumours of the other platform holders doing the same. The rumours especially seem to focus on Microsoft and their next Xbox (which I refuse  to call Xbox 720). It makes sense; launching earlier than the competition certainly helped Microsoft get a foothold in current-gen console gaming (although it also meant fault launch hardware).

That aside, the current rumour peg the next Xbox for a reveal – and even possibly a release next year. Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter believes otherwise.

"Those rumors are silly,” said Pachter, speaking to Industry Gamers. “ Microsoft is still selling a ton of Xbox 360s, and they won’t replace the existing one until sales begin to slow. I think the rumors are based upon leaks about modifying the current Xbox 360 to allow it to operate Windows 8," Pachter commented. "I fully expect a new model of Xbox 360 by holiday 2012, but don’t think we see a new console altogether from Microsoft until 2014."

Pachter says it’s not happening? New Xbox for 2012 CONFIRMED! Personally, I don’t see there being much point in a revision of the current Xbox 360 and the current gen consoles really are falling behind PCs in terms of just about everything, so it probably is time for next-gen hardware. That said, I’m completely happy with the gaming experiences afforded to my by current-gen consoles, so I can’t say I need next-gen. 

Current rumours suggest a reveal at CES in January, with a release towards the end of next year.

Last Updated: November 22, 2011

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