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Pachter Reckons Handhelds are Dying, PSP 2 “Dead on Arrival”

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As a gamer on the go, I’m quite fond of portable gaming devices. I love my DS with all my heart, but since acquiring an iPhone I’ve been carrying my DS with me less and less. While most iOS games aren’t quite as fully-fledged as their DS counterparts, some are surprisingly comprehensive and fill my needs of 10 minute gaming-on-go sessions quite adequately..although some buttons would be nice.

Wedbush Morgan prognosticator du jour Michael Pachter believes that traditional handheld gaming might be going the way of the dodo, and if my own mobile gaming habits are any sort of indication, he may actually be right for a change.

“We’re not even close to saturated on the video game consoles, and we are way approaching saturation on the handheld market. We’re starting to see DS hardware sales crack, I think the big woody of the iPod Touch is cutting into the handheld market and I think the PSP is dead on arrival [and that the] PSP2 is going to be dead on arrival,” the professional guesser said when queried as to whether console manufacturers should focus on the handheld market.

“It looks to me like young kids are just as happy playing with an iPod Touch or Nano. The Touch is cool, it plays games, plays music, they’re going to put a camera in it and you’re going to get all kinds of cool stuff,” he continued.

The obvious white elephant here is Nintendo’s upcoming revolutionary handheld; the extra-dimensioned, glasses-free 3DS. Pachter thinks the 3DS will be in the same situation once the glamour’s worn off.

“The 3DS will prolong the handheld market for the game manufacturers, but ultimately I think handhelds are in trouble,” he added. “I really think as the iPod Touch gets more and more powerful, you’re going to see a lot of free games over there. What’s the difference if you can play Tetris on the iPod Touch or on the DS? Well, you pay $1 on the iPod Touch, you pay $20 on the DS. Parents prefer $1 or free software, I think the iPod Touch is going to sell really well. So, after the 3DS has had its little rush I think the handhelds will continue to decline.”

What do you think? Is the traditional handheld on it way out, usurped from its portable gaming throne by Apple’s shiny devices? Is the PSP2 doomed to failure? Will the 3DS print even more money for the Japanese manufacturer?

Source : Nintendo Universe

Last Updated: December 6, 2010

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