Pagan Min’s lady chief runs drug trade

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Fc4 noore najaar

Pagan Min must have a few right hands considering the number of vice lords under his command. The latest trailer for Far Cry 4 shows off all new sections of Kyrat, as well as a brand new leader (or mini boss if you prefer) – Dr. Noore Najaar.

Beyond running the drug trade, she also runs the arena. With plenty of avalanches in this treacherous terrain, there is even a sky prison run by the pink haired lady we saw pictures of before.

Remember that excellent accolades trailer in which they used my wonderful quote – “all new environments”? Well, now you can see that they’re finally expanding upon it to make me look like less of an idiot. Actually, there really are a ton of all new environments with a plethora of new wild life who are willing and able to snuff out your life.

It’s great to see the contrast between the lush, wet midlands and the austere Himalayas. Plus, between Yuma and Dr. Noore Najaar, we have some rather terrifying ladies to compliment Pagan Min’s maniacal evil. With such interesting protagonists and environments, it should certainly make for some engaging and unique gameplay. At least they shouldn’t be predictable, right?

Is it more about the environments than personalities for you in Far Cry games, or do the personalities win you over? I just love all the wild life, although I will be very sad if I have to kill a snow leopard – they’re already endangered, I don’t want to thin out their numbers, even if it is virtual.

Last Updated: October 24, 2014

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