PandaTank remains undefeated in the Do Gaming League

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DGL 2013

The Do Gaming League is nearing the end of its Summer Leg, and Robert “PandaTank” Botha remains completely undefeated. After seven weeks, not one StarCraft 2 player in the Premier Division has managed to win a single map against the local superstar.

Botha has started a successful career as a pro gamer, having trained abroad, competed abroad and obtaining an official CM Storm sponsorship alongside many other international pro gamers. He’s risen above the general skill level in South Africa. The result of this being that no one has managed to win a game or map against him. This obviously brings up some mixed feelings about the pro-gamers competing in the local Do Gaming League; Is it fair for such a highly skilled player to compete and does the fact that he wins so convincingly demoralize players more than encourage them?

In my opinion it’s more a positive than a negative. Aspiring pro gamers have much to learn from him and should take the opportunity to compete against him rather as a learning curve than discouragement. His competing in the league gives players a taste of what they’ll face in international tournaments and a chance to gain knowledge of how to prepare for it.

The players facing Botha in the Premier Division however are not just average in South Africa, ten of the players in this particular division are considered Sout Africa’s best, and not just because of their status in the Do Gaming League; in fact nine of them were invited, as the best players locally to compete at the grand StarCraft 2 Invitational made possible by Megarom, Internet Solutions, AMD, Polarfluke and the MSSA.

Here are the current rankings of the top players in the Do Gaming League, which is not likely to change significantly and not further possible to dethrone Botha.

DGL SC2 Prem rankings

Last Updated: March 22, 2013

  • I think it is good to always play against better people to better your own game – but when someone is thrashing people and the local chaps don’t have a hope in hell – then maybe exclude that professional from the overall board at the end of the season – as not to discourage participation. Just an idea. 😉

    • Deon Steyn

      It’s a good idea, but like rugby what can you do about New Zealand winning most games against most teams. It sucks for the other teams but you can’t tell New Zealand they can’t play anymore because they are to good.

      Maybe employ a rating system to make sure the best play the best?

      • Flat out – totally agree with you – And you have to play better people to improve your own game 🙂

        • Deon Steyn

          True, but I hardly see the point of say Romania playing NZ. Plus it’s hard for players to get into popular multiplayer games today. There is just too many people out there that will hand your ass to you in a gift basket. This discourages a lot of people to play online. I wonder why those last two players retired.

          • HellsHound

            I retired because I have other commitments that interfere with going to rAge and I won’t have the time I would like to dedicate to the game and would be unfair on others who deserve to go as well.

            I would love to play Pandatank (who I have only faced once or twice) just to learn from him and improve myself. Panda has been the best player in SA for ages now and is just helping the market and has made this game his living, just because others wont make the necessary sacrifices to do the same doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be able to play against them.

            Also you would never face a guy like Panda unless you were at the top online so its really not likely, the match maker seems to be pretty good at matching people up equally after their placements. And if its to do with the league (DGL) then thats also not an issue as you have to qualify your way up from the pretty much open divisions into first and premier. The game itself has a rating system so ye, its a bit of an odd thing to ask for.

          • Deon Steyn

            Wow awesome to hear from the pros. Thanks for your feedback. 🙂

    • These guys are in the Premier Division. They dont play against noobs so there is no chance to discourage other players. Ultimately the premier players enjoy the challenges and dont mind losing when they do, because its a valuable learning experience.

      • HellsHound

        Pretty much this. If you want to get better you need the practice against people that are better than you so you can see the differences in how they do things compared to you and how you can improve what you do.

  • Admiral Chief Erwin


  • I love to play against higher ranked players that’s how you learn. Besides one of my games against PandaTank resulted in a base trade. If I split my army up better I could have won 🙂

  • Purple_Dragon

    How do we see these guys in action? It’s a shame I missed the Starcraft event the other night, unfortunately had prior plans. But it sounded like a great event. I want to go to an event that is well organised and not a sardines in can event where it’s not fun being crushed by people.

    I just want to go get some beers, sit back and watch the guys show their magic on screen.

  • Happy Panda

    Panda beat shase…hahahaha!

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