Parents neglect baby in favour of online baby?

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I really do think it’s about time we started intelligence testing before allowing people to procreate and then depending on the results we can alter how much control they have over their own children.

Take for example a boy in my daughters class, his parents seem nearly normal except the one wears a short black dress everyday to drop him off and pick him up and obviously has a penchant for mullets as this kid has the biggest mullet I have ever seen on a 6 year old.

See this family would receive a very low amount of support which would include advice on appropriate clothes to wear to school and a set of clippers for the kid.

Then on the other hand we have the Kim’s from South Korea who should have never been allowed to have children.

This couple met online in 2008, he was 41 and she was 25.. it was love at first byte apparently and they quickly procreated. Unfortunately that is where the fairy tale ends and the nightmare begins.

Apparently they regularly mistreated their daughter to the extent of giving her rotten powdered milk (you get such a thing?) and beating her if she cried to much as a 3 month old.

But it all pales in comparison to leaving your daughter to starve to death while you and your floozy head on down to the local Internet cafe to raise a virtual child in PRIUS.

The baby girl died after 3 months of what must have been a terrible life.

I hope they die… or for the more religious people, I hope they rot in hell.

Source: ABC via Desctructoid

Last Updated: March 5, 2010

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