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Patch 2.4.2 for Diablo III will make the game even harder

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Diablo III grinding

Do you find that your Diablo III character is too strong? Does Torment X come across as a difficulty for ants? Yeah, I know that feeling!

Oh who am I kidding? I tend to grind until I’m say, “Torment III capable”, and then I move on with my life (see: cry like a baby when I get squished by a mob of demons for the millionth time). Others meanwhile, grind gloriously until they have perfect builds and amazing loot, which then allows them to yawn their way through the RPG’s toughest challenge – Torment X.

If you’re one of those people, yawn no more. Patch 2.4.2 is on the way, and it’s going to dial up the difficulty to 11. Wait sorry… XIII?

With new power comes a desire to test your strength. If you’ve sharpened your weapons on Torment X and are ready for new challenges, you’ll be happy to hear we’ve added Torment XI–XIII difficulties to the game, and filled them with progressively better loot—so get out there and wreck face, nephalem!

Diablo difficulty

That’s just… crazy. Who would subject themselves to that pain, that anguish? Oh you’re right – just about every hardcore Diablo fan! They will welcome this difficulty spike with open arms I’m sure.

At least their suffering won’t be for naught. Patch 2.4.2 will include a few new items and legendary powers as compensation. You can read up on all of them (along with tweaks to existing sets and items) in detail right here.

Difficulty aside, patch 2.4.2 will also ship with improved adventure mode rewards. Blizzard are focusing their efforts on Nephalem Rifts in particular…

You’re now guaranteed a Greater Rift Key when completing any Rift, with a chance to get a second (or even a third) key as you increase the game’s difficulty. We’ve also adjusted drop rates for Infernal Machines, with a 100% drop chance in Torment IV, and an increasing chance for a second machine to drop as you go up in difficulty.

Are you still playing Diablo III? Are you excited for its seventh season? Personally, I’m hoping Blizzard announce an expansion or something soon. As much as I appreciate all their constant updates and improvements, I think its time they gave their action RPG another boost of life, just like they did when they released Reaper of Souls.

Last Updated: July 28, 2016

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