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Patch 3.2.0 for StarCraft II contains the first Nova: Covert Ops mission pack

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Nova Covert Ops

I really enjoyed my time with StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. The campaign in particular was fantastic! Those single player set pieces and such are something I could definitely use more of in my life. Thankfully, Blizzard know this, and have been hard at work on a mini expansion of sorts – the Nova: Covert Ops mission pack.

Nova’s story is being released in three parts. The first is out today with Patch 3.2.0 for Legacy of the Void.

November “Nova” Terra (Agent X41822N) awakens in an unknown facility. She has no memories of where she is, or what her mission was… her memory has been wiped.

You join Nova as she seeks to remember her mission, and investigate new threats to the safety of the Terran Dominion. Are the Zerg moving to capture Terran worlds? Is a new Terran faction seeking to seize power? It falls to the most elite covert operative in the Dominion to find the answers.

These missions differ to the standard StarCraft II in that brute force alone will not ensure victory. Nova needs to rely on her tactical planning and stealth instead if she’s to successfully figure out what exactly is going on.

Throughout Mission Pack One, you’ll navigate complex facilities while avoiding detection, pilot vehicles to help achieve your objectives, and assassinate critical targets, all while acquiring intel on your opponent’s mission. Along the way, Nova will become increasingly powerful and customizable as you discover and unlock additional equipment for her to take into the field. Ever wonder how unstoppable a cloaked Nova would be like with a shotgun in her hands? Now you can find out.

I’m really excited to get my hands on this content, but I’m not sure about the approach Blizzard have taken. Personally, I’d much prefer to have all 9 missions up front, instead of getting it in small doses of three.

Regardless, I’m definitely keen for more StarCraft II campaign shenanigans. If you are too, expect to cough up around $15/€15 for access to the entire mission pack. Will you be getting it?

Last Updated: March 30, 2016

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