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Patch 6.15 for League of Legends is all about getting the meta ready for the World Championship

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The 2016 edition of the League of Legends World Championship is fast approaching. In just two months time, on the 29th of September, the group stages will kick off. The final takes place just a month later, on October the 29th.

Naturally, Riot want everything to be as close to balanced as possible, long before the festivities kick off. Professional teams need a lot of time to work with the current meta – time to figure out exactly what works, and what doesn’t.

That’s why Patch 6.15 will provide the last major changes to the MOBA you’ll see for a good long time. Here’s an overview of what exactly it entails…

Welcome to patch 6.15, the one with our first mention of Worlds (man, where has the time gone?). With regional playoffs fast approaching, we’re looking to get the meta as close to Worlds-ready as we can, so teams are qualifying under similar conditions to what Worlds itself will present.

This time around, our focus is on the early game, taking a deep look at the professional scene’s laneswap-by-default meta. The gist of our changes is that we’re reducing symmetry between structure defenses so top and bot aren’t perfect mirrors of one another. Toss in a first blood mechanic for turrets, and trading outers is no longer an equivalent exchange. We’ll tune these changes as warranted in the patches to come, but these’ll be the last major changes you see until the season ends.

Early game aside, we’re also taking stock of today’s champion diversity, reining in a few of the outliers (Hecarim) and bringing up a few old friends who’ve been collecting dust (Kassadin?!). In case you were wondering, that does in fact include Corki buffs. Some memes never die.

Early game is Riot’s key focus in this patch, though they’ve done some usual champion tweaking too. If you’d like to read everything in detail, you can do so right here. Alternately, if you’d prefer a quick overview of all the important stuff, you can watch this video instead.

And that’s it for Patch 6.15! Riot will continue to make changes over the coming weeks I’m sure, just don’t expect anything huge until the end of the season.

Are you excited for the World Championship? It’s nearly, nearly here!

Last Updated: July 27, 2016

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