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Patch 6.7 for League of Legends includes a rotating game mode queue and more

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Patch 6.7 for League of Legends

About a month ago, Riot announced a rotating game mode queue for League of Legends. That feature will now finally be available in the MOBA thanks to Patch 6.7, which comes packed with a whole lot of other changes too.

Rotating game modes provide unique spins on the classic League formula. We’re introducing a queue that’ll bring the alternative action on weekends with a suite of familiar game modes and maybe a fresh face or two. Ascension is up first, starting this Friday!

Ascension, in case you’ve forgotten, was an event that debuted in League of Legends about a year and a half ago. It can be experienced all over again this weekend via the rotating game mode queue.

Other than that nifty new feature, what else does patch 6.7 contain? Here’s an overview:

The big focus for this seemingly light set of balance changes is extraneous power. Unlike some of the other design terms we may highlight in patch notes, this one’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s power.

Sass aside, the removal of extraneous power speaks to one of our guiding philosophies – that is: where possible we like to preserve a champion’s strengths and open up their weaknesses instead. But what if a champion has too many strengths? Sometimes we have champions that are good at a lot of things – that’s okay! But when, say, Poppy has best-in-class durability, crowd control, damage, and utility for a tank… something’s gotta give.

So as you read through the usual buffs and nerfs, try to keep in mind that there is such a thing as being too good at too many things (at least in League of Legends. We’ve also got some changes to death timers, just in case you ever find yourself losing to a Korean challenger team while you’re ahead ten thousand gold. That situation might sound incredibly specific, but it happens far more often than you’d think.

So yeah, there’s the usual balancing of certain champions and items, as well as some changes to death timers and vision. If you couldn’t be bothered to read through the lengthy notes, you can watch this video from Redmercy instead. It does a pretty thorough job of explaining all the important stuff in this patch in under 13 minutes.

And that’s patch 6.7 really! Are you happy with this new update from Riot? Are you excited to dive into Ascension this weekend, along with a whole lot of other different League of Legend game modes in future? I certainly would be – if I had the time to give to this damn awesome MOBA!

Last Updated: April 6, 2016

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